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Of course we don't want to stop people doing things they want to do... As with growing food, you don't have to to it for yourself, but people can always choose to do it for fun. This has always been the way humans have operated; we don't have to hunt or fish in order to survive, but lots of people do it anyway, for fun.

Advanced manufacturing - point to some of the techniques in turning virtual designs into physical objects too

Automated building systems

Controlled environment and how that makes automation easier.

Mega-scale engineering panel

Seems that so-called 'industrial' systems are likely to become more distributed as the flexible computer-control fabrication processes become more prevalent and more capable.

Advanced nanotechnology. Explain. Tasks and manufacturing. Dangers, possibilities. Much of what is talked about to do with nanotechnology and abundance can be achieved with macro-scale technologies. However it is needed for advanced medical applications that cannot currently be treated. Reconfigurable matter.

Taking advantage of self-assembly

Access to land, resources etc.

Talk:Advanced automation/Self-maintenance and repair

Unsorted links

Micro and nano-tech

Biotech - single celled amazingly complex microscopic structures of inorganic material - diatoms, pollen etc. Snail shells.