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Some major free and open source software projects

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See example screenshots below

This page lists good quality free and open-source software that anyone can download at no cost and use or modify freely. Plenty more quality open-source software exists – this is just an introductory sample. Most of these programs are cross-platform, meaning they can be installed on MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The software below is not freeware or shareware, which are both significantly different to open source.

Free and open-source software logos

Operating systems and Desktop environments

Graphics and multimedia

  • GIMP - Bitmap graphics editor, similar to Adobe Photoshop
  • Inkscape 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Vector graphics editor
  • VNC 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - cross-platform remote desktop utility. For example it enables a Mac to control a Windows or a Linux PC (or vice-versa)
  • Blender 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Advanced 3D modelling and rendering application. Gallery
  • Art of Illusion 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Java-based 3D modelling and rendering application with an intuitive user interface. Gallery
  • VideoLAN 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - cross-platform media player capable of playing most video filetypes
  • Miro video player - cross-platform media player that can automatically download videos from RSS-based "channels" and play videos sequentially from a playlist
  • Songbird - similar to iTunes with built-in browser. Screencast
  • Audacity 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - digital audio editor
  • Ardour - digital audio workstation
  • Scribus - Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  • F-Spot - Photo manager

Office software

  • OpenOffice.org - office productivity software. Comparable to Microsoft Office. As well as having using an open file format it can read and write Microsoft Office files
  • NeoOffice - Mac OS X version of OpenOffice
  • KOffice 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - office suite for KDE desktop (Unix / Linux)
  • AbiWord - word processor
  • Evolution - personal information manager
  • PDFCreator - creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer (Windows only)

Internet related software

Content management systems

  • Joomla! 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - CMS
  • Alfresco - CMS
  • MediaWiki 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - wiki content management software. AdCiv.org is powered by MediaWiki
  • Drupal 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - modular content management framework and blogging engine
  • Plone 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - python-based CMS

See more open-source CMS software here 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg


  • Celestia 3D space simulation software. For a tour of its capabilities, select 'Run demo' from the 'Help' menu. Gallery and addons
  • NASA worldwind - virtual Earth / Moon / Mars software
  • FlightGear - flight simulator
  • Second life 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - virtual world viewer (as in a virtual reality, rather than a virtual Earth model)
  • FreeMind - mind mapping software
  • Stellarium - planetarium software for accurate representations of the night's sky from any location or time
  • K3b 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - CD and DVD authoring application for Linux
  • phpMyAdmin 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - web front-end for MySQL database management system
  • Vega Strike 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Space flight simulator and trading game
  • Wine - a compatibility layer for computers running Linux that enables them to run many applications that were originally written for MS Windows
  • Freemat - environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing

Programming related

  • Eclipse 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - software framework and Java IDE
  • GTK 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Popular widget toolkit for the X Window System, for creating graphical user interfaces
  • QT toolkit 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - cross-platform application development framework
  • KDevelop 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Programming IDE for Linux / Unix
  • PHP 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - server-side programming language
  • PERL 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Dynamic programming language
  • Python 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - versatile, clean and powerful programming language used for cross-platform desktop applications, server-side scripting for websites, and scripting within java and .net environments
  • GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg
  • MySQL 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Database management system
  • Java 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Programming language
  • Mono 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Free and open-source crossplatform .NET implementation
  • OpenCV - Real-time computer vision function library

More comprehensive list of open-source software




These are some examples of open-source software that anyone can freely download and use, or even modify, without restriction

Click to enlarge a thumbnail image. Click a second time to get a full resolution image

OpenOffice.org Writer
(word processor)
OpenOffice.org Calc
OpenOffice.org Impress
OpenOffice.org Draw
(vector drawing)
Celestia 3D space simulator
KDE desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)
Gnome desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)
Inkscape 2D vector drawing
GIMP bitmap editor
Miro video player with RSS feeds
Blender 3D modelling
FreeMind mind-mapping software
Audacity digital audio editing
Kivio flowchart drawing (Linux only
Mozilla Thunderbird email client
Evolution mail
Evolution calendar
Eclipse software development framework
Xara Xtreme 2D vector drawing (Linux only)
Nvu HTML editing
VNC cross-platform remote control screenshot showing a windows PC controlling a Mac and Linux desktop in separate windows
KDevelop integrated development environment (Linux only)
Firefox web browser
Songbird web-surfing music player
K3b CD and DVD burning (Linux only)
Art of illusion 3D modelling
Scribus desktop publishing
FlightGear flight simulator
Xfce desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)
Ardour digital audio workstation
F-Spot photo manager (Linux only)
Second life virtual world screenshot
Stellarium - accurate representations of the night's sky
Beryl - hardware accelerated 3D window manager for Linux
Vega Strike 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Space flight simulator and trading game
NeoOffice - Version of OpenOffice.org for Apple's
Mac OS X
Freemat - free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing

Click to enlarge a thumbnail image. Click a second time to get full resolution image


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